Well Air, an innovative project of exclusive fragrances dedicated to the environmental well-being.

Well Air has especially studied for the places where it's essential to combine both hygienic care and attention to the welfare of  people.

The project combines the effectiveness of cleaning with the aromatherapy and its recognised features of welfare. Smell is one of the cornerstones of modern "multi-sensory communication".The perceptual combination of several senses amplifies the effectiveness of the messages in the various rational and emotional components.

Following the recent and widespread experiential approach of olfactory marketing, the Air Well project declines, according to his philosophy and experience, the smell function as a powerful stimulus on the welfare of people in the healthcare and collective settings.

Taking advantage of Marco Mussoni's expertise, a doctor of smell, the È COSÌ laboratory has developed, selected and realized 66 exclusive fragrances, attributable to three fragrance family: flowery, fruity and green, used in the three phases of the day and in different frequentation settings.

Our fragrances are embellished with pure essential oils, only derived from organic plantations.


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