The new sanitization in the healthcare settings.


stayCLEAN® is an innovative system that guarantees the maintenance of sanitary conditions in the healthcare settings, following saving and quality of service.

  • Management of direct experiments in different hospitals and care facilities
  • Adaptable to the operative settings that plan to do disinfection procedures
  • Control and stabilization of bacteria
  • Generalised use on all surfaces and their reasons of dirt
  • The operator's care has a reduced impact on the final result
  • Effective control methods, simple to apply

Its use generates a global, standardised and permanent reduction of costs. stayCLEAN® is adaptable, safe, ethical and efficient.


 At the end of its testing process, stayCLEAN® has established a management system based on five pillars:


 Execution of more than 4000 measurements with microbiological plates and bioluminescence tests at

  • ISO/IEC17025 accredited external laboratories
  • Research & Development company laboratory
  • Hospital Microbiology laboratories

Analysis and evaluation of the conditions to make the method operative as a function of:

  • Several application contexts
  • Different surfaces
  • Existing protocols and methodologies

System Plus

 A virtuous combination with traditional cleaning and disinfection

The system is adaptable and efficient even with the conventional equipment and methods, offering a safe performance as a function of the quality and the purposes of the structure.

 Calibrated remodulation about frequencies and types of operations to the specific context

More hygienical quality and lower cost of the service, as the present economic circumstances need.

Effectiveness over time

Clean maintenance is persistent and increases over time. Moreover it reduces the impact of procedural errors caused by the inaccuracy of operator or too complex work plans.

An ethical and eco-friendly system

Its effect is due to a natural process that reduces the use of toxic and polluting products, returns to the worker his professionalism through specialization elements and lowers the production of waste and out-of-pocket costs of disposal.


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