Public authorities and administrations are standardising their internal policies in a more sustainable direction, forcing suppliers to make some decisive choices. It's a substantial revolution, but still in progress, in terms of both the standardization of regulations and the structural and methodological adjustments.


Establishing eco-friendly as an indispensable condition for a proper management system means putting the emphasis on quality and optimization of the service. The guidelines identified by Government, the European Commission and OECD above all, encourage the development of a certified and verified market with an eco-friendly matrix: that's the consideration at the base of the GPP (Green Public Procurement). A unified environmental directive regulating the purchases of the Public Administration could represent an opportunity to introduce new perspectives in company missions.GPP
In professional cleaning, the ecological parameters insist both on the characteristics of the finished product and on the nature of materials and ingredients: are involved as many detergents as the offered methods and services.

The recent National GPP Action Plans (an action plan for the environmental sustainability of the public administration consumption) defines the aims about the contractual stipulations in a very clear way: to reach the threshold of 50% of green procurement in the national total ones.

EPD: Environmental Product Declaration

The definition of this process takes place with the introduction of the Environmental Product Declaration and their monitoring by the Security Authority. These rules, as strict as precise, set the Ecolabel as compliance standard and require the issue of an attestation by ISO 17025 accredited laboratories alternatively. The pre-requisite is, for the manufacturer, the presence of an environmental management certificated system (IS0 14001).

Therefore the companies that have strongly bet on the environmental solutions and have invested in innovation and green research in the past years, are ahead.

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The proposal of È COSÌ

È COSÌ welcomes these prospects in an enthusiastic way, as fully in line with its company philosophy and the many eco-friendly projects already ongoing. Starting from the Ecolabel products and their combined action with equipment and accessories at very low impact, to arrive to ICEA certified eco-biological detergents, really the unique product on the market for cleaning efficiency, quality of product and environmental performance.

Our Green Program is in line with every applicable guidelines and contains all the best solutions to the needs of a state structure.

Also our training and counsulting ability has a key role in the proper valuation of the service management measures, the material and energy resources, the technical specifications and the efficiency of the methods. To master these fields with experience and professionalism, È COSÌ bets on technological innovations and the staff training, in view of raising the quality standards and continuing analysis in operative feedback.

An extremely interesting new, whose benefits will first go to users and operators who have daily access to the facilities. An opportunity for the entire industry of professional cleaning, beyond purely commercial aspect: the most prepared and specialized companies will become privileged interlocutors for the institutions in terms of environmental protection of human health.