ONS® - Odor Neutralizing System

ONS® is an odour neutralizing system for health and social care, accommodation, work, travel and sport environments. It produces benefits for all users as it completely removes bad smells as well as the factors that cause them.

This system improves room health and accommodation quality; in addition, it has a preventive action in areas at risk. It is implemented just like an ordinary cleaning plan and is suitable for all surfaces.

ONS® is a sustainable GPP-compliant system thanks to eco-organic detergent and Ecolabel products, selected raw materials and low controlled doses. It’s an innovation that brings hygiene back to the core of social and individual wellness.

The ONS® System is made up of 3 macro-products:

ONS 1 FLOORS - Mop and cleaning machines
For the routine maintenance of floors and flat surfaces.

ONS PLUS Single-Dose - Adjuvant
Pre-dosed vial to be added to ONS® System.

ONS 3 SURFACES - Detergent
For the dusting and cleaning of all surfaces.

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