The program dedicated to nursing and rest homes is the result of our experience in the Health-Care sector. In È COSÌ there is a division that directly deals in this field, sharing its perspectives with the features of each facility and elaborating virtuous systems every time, evaluating the costs of management, too.

Wellness of guests

Protecting hygiene and health of people, improving daily life, making their stay wholesome and serene. When a guest is comfortable, his standard of living is safe. Taking care of every sanitary detail helps them feeling better and in harmony. With themselves and the others.

Daily life

Living in a clean and healthy place improves coexistence and makes days more pleasant. Both in common and individual areas, wholesomeness is the first of the objectives.

Cleansing, sanitising, disinfecting

However sharing some spaces can also be a source of risk for the health: bacteria, viruses and dirt may be everywhere. That's why it's essential a complete and accurate cleansing and disinfection of any potentially harmful elements on the body.

Respect of personal clothes

It’s essential to take care of linen and clothes. We must be able to intervene with efficacy on the most stubborn organic residues without damaging or degrading the textiles.

Quality of service

Certificated detergents and disinfectants, simple and effective procedures, technical tutoring and verification of operations. È COSÌ detergency lines for washing fabrics combining the technical and scientific excellence with an efficient cleaning. High performance, respect for textiles, delicate fragrances, eco-friendly.