Ecology and performance.

Thanks to our Ecolabel and ICEA certified ecological washing systems, the professional laundry works in compliance with the new CAM ( Minimum Environmental Criteria ) requirements and with the public procurement directives, by reducing pollution while respecting the environment. 

Sistema Elba EcolabelEcolabel ELBA System

Certified Multi-component system

The new Ecolabel policy document introduces a very important development concerning the professional laundry: the Ecolabel Multi-component system. Ecolabel ELBA is a Multi-component methodology with high-performance and excellent characteristics in terms of ecology, respecting required application processes. The certification relates to the entire range of the products which must be used in combination with each other by following the specific procedure.

Sistema bioICEA System

ICEA certified Eco-detergents

The ICEA policy document guarantees the organic origin of the ingredients, natural substances characterized by a low environmental impact and skin-compatible properties.The labelling is a type I (ISO 14024).