Linea Mono Laboratorio

Single Dose Professional Concentrated Detergents.

MONO Line is a selection of detergents for professional use, manufactured by È COSÌ.

It's composed of 7 single dose products, depending on the use: multi-purpose, floors, degreasing, sanitizing, bathrooms.

The single dose is in a handy pack, made up of 30 vials of 40 ml, to be diluted in a standard amount of water (bottles of 500 and 1000 ml).

Linea Mono

Ease and clarity

The MONO Line products are indicated by unequivocal numbers and color codes, valid both for single dose and diluted products.

Safety lock

  • It opens without scissors
  • The dosage is controlled
  • No product remains on the bottom

Smart design

  • It enters the bottle neck
  • It follows the shape of the hand
  • You can clearly see the product


In conformity with EPD

MONO Line is in conformity with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in force, so it's suitable to National GPP Action Plans for so-called green public procurement.

Safe dosage, without risk.

The amount of 40 ml is the optimal standard for the preparation of all detergents. The application is easy and precise and allows you a safe dilution, without risk of spills or mistakes.

Quality and sustainability of cleansing.

MONO Line has been studied and formulated to achieve high performance using eco-friendly and low environmental impact raw materials.

Resources and space saving.

MONO Line facilitates the storage of products even in small spaces. It also can monitor water and detergent consumption over time. Then it improves the organization and management of the work.



Brochure Linea MonoDownload






It contains:

Details on packaging

How to Use

The conformity with EPD

Technical information about products