Microrapid is a cleaning system,  become a benchmark for the entire sector: with the use of 12 lt. of water and a few grams of product, it grants about 700 square meters of clean. Its first appearance dates back to 2001 and, since then, has triggered a real methodological revolution. This is the result of  the project collaboration between È COSÌ and Falpi Srl, the exclusive producer of Microrapid at its low- impact environment factory.

Over the years, its effectiveness has been constantly improved by the Consorzio Soligena’ s experts team. In 2009, the Microrapid trolley awarded the EPD certification (first in the world)  for its eco-friendly features.

Differently from any other system used in the past, every single component of the Microrapid system  cut down drastically the use of water and detergents and the discharge of polluting substances. Each of these features makes Microrapid excellently effective and environmentally friendly.

To enable maximum hygiene, the system includes the microfibre cleaning and disinfection, procedures certified by the University of Ferrara Microbiological Department.




  • 2001:   È COSÌ and FALPI designed the Microrapid cleaning system
  • 2009:   Microrapid awardeds the EDP certification
  • More than 100 are the healthcare facilities we are supplying with the Microrapid system
  • 4.800.000 are the liters of water saved in one year in a 500 beds facility
  • 20. 000 are the liters of detergent not discharged into sewer in one year in a 500 beds facility.


Microrapid is an EPD product, audited for : “cleaning system with certified environmental performances”.

EPD Cleaning System Microrapid Certification

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Falpi is a leading Italian company in the production of cleaning systems and professional equipment. It is a long-standing partner of E’ COSI’ and makes the sustainability a strong point in its corporate philosophy.





Soligena is a Consortium of leading Italian companies committed to innovating the professional cleaning and providing an integrated technical scientific service throughout Italy.


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