Laundry Program is a system for washing every kind of textile in laundries. It mixes until to six very specialized detergents. A specific company division customizes the washing programs and identifies the suitable equipment, while the technical team takes care of the installation, verification and maintenance of them.

Thanks to our analysis we can communicate to the partners the overall cost of the service per kilo of linen in an exact way and plan the total annual efficiency easily.

To satisfy needs of the larger industrial laundries, we have been relying on the historical line È COMATIC for years. Its detergents are suitable to any type of textil or dirth, on varying the dosages and the processed rigorous programs. This precision allows us to express, together with costs and consumption, even the savings for the customer and so the advantages of the total  management.

Natural raw materials, low dosages and temperatures even for the most dirty garments. We preserve the fibers, especially the most delicate ones. High-level performance. Everything is strictly certificated.