Institutional Cleaning

All the places of life and work have primary liveability needs, both in smaller and larger shared areas. In these spaces, great attention should be paid to the ordinary cleaning operations, so as to facilitate the uniformity of the service and to manage the monitoring of consumption.

About the public sector, our ecological focus is manifested in full compliance with Ecolabel European standards, with high environmental performance detergents and disinfectants.

It's essential to ensure the health of these areas, both in an administrative context (offices, authorities, archives) and in places of training and education (kindergartens, schools, universities). È COSÌ products have a specific function for each type of intervention. A cleaning quality, associated with the proper procedures, ensures reliability of the maintenance practices and improves people stay.

The dosage control is the basis of the waste abatement that we want to achieve by our methods. Lower dosages of detergents, water reduction and detailed conditions of use bring to direct benefits for the coexistence areas where the service is provided.