pulizia per medie e grandi imprese

Smaller, medium and larger companies need a safe and reliable cleaning system. It's an integral part of the production cycle and therefore it has a central importance in business growth opportunities and quality.

Within an industrial plant there are some surfaces and machines that require a very focused method. Effectively it's necessary to protect the nature of materials, to start a proper system of maintenance and protection and, at the same time, to use not aggressive products and methods for the extraordinary procedures. This approach allows us to implement a real prevention of wear and damage, with obvious benefits in terms of costs and quality.

With some of its customers, È COSÌ has made the technological innovation projects and deep study of new possible solutions dedicated to the industrial cleaning. It has been developed some resources management and optimization systems, in particular for the recovery and disposal of the waste and the consumption control.

In processing areas in which these systems were activated, we found savings and improvements already in the early phases of operation, becoming technical and scientific partner of several companies on Italian territory.