Health Care

Operating in this sector requires dealing directly with people’s health. This means having to manage very different environments but with common needs from asanitary, microbiological and bacteriological point of view. For this reason a correct and effective disinfection must be ensured.

The five products in our È COSÌ disinfection line are registered as medical-surgical devices at the Ministry of Health and are suitable for both maintenance and deep sanitisation.

We take care of cleansing and sanitise floors, walls, equipment and surfaces using EPD and Ecolabel labelled products and ICEA certified biological products.

In the European hospitals we work with, we have striven to introduce several technological changes to optimise processes in terms of resource saving and observance of procedures. This enables us to more precisely manage both wider and busier areas and outpatient and hospitalization areas.

In structures such as nursing and rest homes where attention is given to the quality of the stay and the wellbeing of the guest, even fabric washing and respect towards clothing are essential elements.

È COSÌ Health Care solutions are the result of constantly taking into account the needs in this sector and experience gained in the field. Our company has been involved in integrated service coordination, scientific experiments with cultural bodies and institutions, technical development partnerships and sales ventures.

Among the company’s benchmarks for its scientific activity, research on hospital disinfection plays a key role in properly managing risks of contamination and hospital-acquired infections.

Our biocides are formulated to improve compliance to the most important protocols - concerning prevention and elimination of pathogenic bacteria in health facilities.

Universities and authorized Research Centers produced detailed scientific reports for each disinfectant, stating their bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal efficacy, even against the most dangerous infectious strains - including legionella, clostriudium, tuberculosis, ebolavirus, escherichia coli and salmonella.