The Green Programme is the È COSÌ ambitious project for a Professional Ecology aiming to zero impact and to 100% eco-sustainability of the cleaning procedures.

A certified process from A to Z. Traceability and ecology.

A totally ecological cleaning plan requires precision and credibility to be implemented. We start with the production process, certifying the life cycle of the supply chain with the EPD (Environment Product Declaration) certifications. All the impacts of our activities, from the design of a product to its disposal, have been traced and published, certifying È COSÌ company as a manufacturer of hygiene solutions with low environmental impact. This is our first real guarantee.  The company has been operating for years according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system and is self-sufficient in terms of energy,  thanks to a photovoltaic plant producing clean energy.

Along with ethics and transparency, we also propose ecology in our procedures. The Microrapid cleaning system, the first in the world to award the EPD certification in its class, guarantees extraordinary savings in terms of water and paper and performances at the highest levels.

We  also manufacture  and supply detergents marked Ecolabel, the eco-friendly symbol of the European Union, which is becoming increasingly valued and important at institutional level.

Green cleaners: a line with very high environmental performances.

To create our Green detergents line effective raw materials, environmentally friendly and highly biodegradable had been selected. In this project we, therefore, use only and exclusively ECOLABEL, ICEA and EPD certified detergents.

In particular, our six eco-bio-certified ICEA detergents cover the most common features, such as floor cleaning, glass cleaning, sanitary ware, crockery and washing of textiles. The comparative tests we conducted showed a remarkable environmental performance, averaging over 70% compared to market standards.

The packaging is made exclusively with recycled paper boxes and regenerated plastic bottles, which can be used again during cleaning operations and/or recovery processes. Even the disinfectants we use are EPD certified: where there is a risk of bacterial contamination, we can intervene with medical and surgical devices of outstanding ecological quality, therefore in total absence of chloro-derivatives or substances classified as dangerous for the environment.

Technology against waste. We save and respect water.

One of the most common polluting factors is the difficulty in respecting dosages.Both with the detergents to be diluted and the ready-to-use ones, we have found an important incidence, due to micro-elements in routine operations, that can be avoided. The annual impact is on the average of 20% of the total consumption.

To reduce this factor, È COSÌ suggests to prepare the delivery of products through the ALD 100 electronic dosing unit: the precision in the delivery of quantities, besides providing a service to the environment, generates a better cleanliness and an economic return. In addition to consuming less detergent, therefore, there will be an increase of the quality of services and time and energy savings. 

Wherever possible, we are also committed to recovering wastewater. We have patented  AOP-RIL, a water treatment system that retrieves water from cleaning cycles and reuses it through an advanced oxidation process. In this way, the dirty water becomes reusable avoiding the withdrawal of other water from the water supply network.

A revolution that is written green, but can even be read: quality of service, optimization of procedures and reduction of operating costs.