sanificazione alimentare

In our company we have always combined the production of a quality product to procedures and management systems by high performance.

After years of experience we considered necessary to dedicate a special segment to the demands of food and catering world in order to create a reliable and guaranteed partnership model.


Food Safety ISO 22000:2005 is a certification that establishes a (national) guide for the chemical-scientific sector and constitutes the foundation of our journey in the "Food & Service Industry”.

This implies a strict adherence to HACCP rules and our commitment to identifying the most appropriate levels of self-control.


Only the most technically advanced È COSÌ detergents become part of the proposals submitted by the Food Division. Certified products with proven environmental quality, technical compatibility with the equipment, effective sanitizing and disinfecting.

On the basis of these principles was created the FOOD DIVISION. This reality brings together the technical and scientific expertise of È COSÌ toward a solid goal: support our partners in the Total Quality systems standardization