The reduction of the bacterial load

Disinfettanti - PMC


High-risk environments require maximum performance in terms of cleaning and disinfection. The È COSÌ methodologies are designed on solid bases.


When people's health is directly involved, È COSÌ put in place the efficacy of its disinfectants (PMC), registered by the Ministry of Health.

Disinfection of fabrics

AQUOXIL is suitable for the disinfection of clothes and cleaning cloths in washing machine. The quality of the ingredients and the respect of the nature of the fabrics makes it necessary in any washing program.

Food processing

OXYGENA is the specialized disinfectant for microbiological safety in industrial food processing environments. In combination with a detergent, it is the product that expresses the maximum bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal efficacy and at the same time an important ecological performance.

 PEROX, is ideal for the disinfection of plants and pipe: it  reduces the risks deriving from thickening and the consequent proliferation of mold and bacterial colonies in water distribution systems.

 Hard surfaces

RIFRAX SAN is a versatile product for broad-spectrum cleaning. It is self-drying and leaves no residue. It is suitable for areas at high risk of contamination, whether it is equipment and furnishings of operating rooms or surfaces in contact with food. 

DEORNET CLOR is indicated for its detergent, disinfectant and deodorant qualities on floors, walls and sanitary ware.