Prodotti certificati ecolabel

Ecolabel – European quality mark of environmentally friendly products and services

Our products  LIME, SPOON, TEA e TULIP, bearing the quality mark Ecolabel comply with the criteria regarding low environmental impacts determined by the European Union in line with the effective regulations.

Reduction of package waste

We accept and recycle any plastic packaging material free of charge. Thanks to our modern equipment we can grind used plastic to make new packaging materials.

Minimal environmental impact on aquatic life and reduced use of dangerous substances

Substances of Ecolabel products, especially surfactants, are rapidly biodegradable. We operate a cleaning equipment at the company's site, which filters and processes industrial waste water and drains unpolluted water into the sewage system.

Clear operating instructions

We facilitate the adequate packaging of products in order to avoid waste and enable saving. With the recommended dosages and methods we contribute to environmental health.