Prodotti certificati Eco-bio ICEA

Cenere, Batuffolo, Terra, Cielo, Fuoco, Soffio: the six È COSÌ biological products are certified by ICEA as eco-detergents. This results in constant monitoring of the production cycle, from compliance with norms in place, environmentally friendly profile and high quality of the detergent line.

ICEA - Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale is one of the most important certifying organisms in Europe. It carries out quality monitoring on over 13 thousand companies, acting as a real system to ensure compliance with norms and eco-sustainability of corporate policies.Certificazione ICEA

Why a line of biological products?

Because professional cleaning must ensure healthiness of all living and working areas, including the environment. A real service towards the people and the world we live in. The research work carried out by È COSÌ has identified in eco-detergence the ideal answer to these needs in eco-detergence. The results turned out to be exceptional.


Compared to non eco-market-leaders, È COSÌ biological detergents are more effective on any type of surface or amount of dirt. Data on water toxicity and biodegradability of our detergents is much better than Ecolabel European standards. Studies conducted show that our ICEA products have an extremely low environmental impact.

A bouqet of essential oils to appreciate detergency

È COSÌ eco-detergence line is enriched by exclusive olfactory features. Each product has been associated with particular certified essential oils from biological cultivation.