Cleansing and disinfecting in a single step

DD System is our eco-friendly cleansing-disinfection method. It is used to clean floors, walls and – more in general – all equipment of a plant. This working process involves to mix simultaneously a detergent and the Medical-Surgical Product called OXYGENA.

The combination of these two products generates a solution with a more cleaning and disinfectant power than used individually. This solution is delivered on the surfaces through a multi-pressure stainless steel mobile sprayer fitted with a pump. It is used as a cold procedure in order to prevent condensations and vapours.

The scientific tests carried out at the University of Ferrara in this regard highlighted in detail all microbiological elements related to the effectiveness of this disinfectant solution.

This method has all the characteristics to be considered more advantageous than the cleansing with a chlorine-based product, because it is more ecological, more productive and more functional on certain types of dirt.