Hygiene and health. Salubrious and liveable areas

The common areas – used to study, to play or to do some physical activities – are among the most subject to microbiological contaminants. So they need the greatest attention, eliminating any dangerous persistence of microbes. In this way, we guarantee the maximum comfort and avoid some risks to the health of children.

Canteens and kitchens. Safety in catering

We guarantee the food security of the youngest, starting from food preparation areas until the tables of canteens and the plates in which they'll eat. We know that the hygiene quality is directly related to the danger of bacterial contamination. From the kitchen to the plate, the ISO 22000 certification and the HACCP indications are the regulatory standards to which we refer for all our detergents and methods applied.

Textil washing. Eco-biological detergents, neutral pH, no synthetic fragrances.

We take care of washing of the clothes used by children through good daily practices in the management of laundry and the use of certified and eco-friendly methods. We've identified an ecological textile washing which uses two certified ICEA eco-biological detergents (Green Line) at neutral pH and a high performance disinfectant  (AQUOXIL). Moreover we work in total absence of synthetic fragrances: our fragrances come exclusively from certified organic farms. In this way clothes are not aggressive on the skin of children and return a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and softness. This is also a good service for the environment.