The AOP-RIL system (Advanced Oxidation Process for industrial waste water) consists in an advanced chemical degradation process , applied to the waste water resulting from industrial surface washing.


The washing wastes subjected to treatment are characterized by a high content of dissolved organic substances and surfactants (mainly deriving from the cleaning agent used), soil, dust, and other inorganic substances of various types.

The AOP RIL system reduces pollution levels below the legal parameters allowing the waste discharge into public sewers.


The cleaning operator empties the tank of the scrubber-dryer machine inside an accumulator container by the use of an electric pump.

Water, treated in a reaction tank, is then  transferred to a clean water storage tank.

Inside this tank there is a metering device providing a bacteriostatic control of the stored water. Here, the operator can fill the scrubber-dryer tank with an electric pump.

2014 Clean Green Award

Clean Green Award

The AOP-RIL system won the 2014 Clean Green Award Afidamp  as best ecological system of the year for:

Plant designed with the truly spirit of saving water resources, high performances compared to the market average.

Moreover, the design of a system not particularly interesting for the big economic players, makes the operation even more praiseworthy and motivated by a true environmental consciousness” .

The Clean Green Award Afidamp  is an international award - conceived by AfidampFAB - which is awarded to products, systems or services of the cleaning sector with a strong environmental "vocation".