ALD 100


Dosage control and correct use of detergents are the key aspects of the cleaning management.

È COSÌ develops detailed processes for each of their customers, whose advantages are often linked to the combination of high efficiency and low detergent concentrations. In our experience, both in the large and small realities, the incidence of waste represents a very important part of the total expenditures, conditioning cleaning plans and increasing environmental impacts.

At the same time, the need to manage and monitor the performances of each department of a structure is becoming increasingly critical. This problem motivated us to develop a system that could simultaneously guarantee the optimization of the workload, the quantification of costs, the respect of procedures and the drastic reduction of waste. For this purpose, the  ALD100 automatic detergent dispenser system was created.

ADL 100 is a device designed exclusively for È COSÌ interacting with programmed pumps and scales  to ensure a precise detergent dosage. Its operation is very simple: the operator has an identification badge and registered bottles.

The system authorizes the dispensing of a detergent only for the quantities assigned to each product and only for the bottles that are enabled for a given cleaning operation. The Staff Manager has an intuitive software allowing him/her to assign detergents and quantities in accordance with the established procedures.

The operator has nothing more than to identify himself with his badge, choose the bottle he wants to fill, just by touching the control unit.If dispensing is allowed, a red light will start to flash on the pertaining pump and it will be possible to dispense the permitted quantity.

The È COSÌ partners facilities in which ALD100 is functioning, measure a real saving of 20% on the overall management costs. Such an important fact can not be overlooked. And this had been achieved by using the ecological methods we develop for each of our customer.

In this way, we are able to obtain extremely precise information for each area of application.For example, for living environments (hotels, health care facilities, offices, nursing homes) it is possible to determine the cost per each square metre of clean area, or for the catering sector we can calculate the average cost per meal. Furthermore it is possible to define, analyze and optimize consumption for specific departments, constantly monitoring both the actual expenditures and the operating performances.